And crafting them.


PC Modder | Woodworker | Video Editor | Gamer

Alex is the name, PC modding is the game.

When it comes to building PCs, I aim for the best possible outcome. Starting with hardware compatibility, to cable management, all the way to custom designs that I build entirely from scratch, it's the details that define the final shape of my projects.


2018 · The Perfect Desk (ongoing)
2020 · Lumberjack's ITX

  • Alex Voloaca

    It all started during my early childhood years.

    My father's hobby back then was technology. In December '89 (I was almost 2 years old) he bought a Junior XT, which was a Romanian PC running MS-DOS on the Intel 8086 CPU. One year later he showed me what's it all about, and I loved it. However, PC modding only got me recently, considering that I started working on my first project in 2017.

    As for the nickname, I really loved Escape from L.A. when it came out, back in '96, so I decided to use the name Snake in every game I played, which not much later, due to IRC era, changed to $n@k3. Then Need For Speed: High Stakes launched in '99, being the first racing game to display the player's name on the cars' license plates. However, it didn't handle special characters as well, so it only showed nk3.



@setupsforgaming Feature
@setupsforgaming featured The Perfect Desk on their Instagram page. The post now has over 5300 likes.
Silicon Power Newsletter
Silicon Power decided to sponsor my project The Perfect Desk and include it in their monthly newsletter.
I partnered up with LG Romania during the entire 2018 DEVPLAY event and The Perfect Desk was showcased within their exhibit space. Visitors were presented with the oportunity to both test the LG monitor and have a taste of a custom built desk-PC.


Being a sponsored modder might be a dream to many out there.

However, it can still be a very expensive occupation. Tools, raw materials, non-sponsored hardware, camera and web hosting are just a few of the things that need to be paid for.

If you like my work and would like to contribute to my future projects, feel free to support me.

Huge thanks to everyone below, as I couldn't have built any of the projects if it weren't for them:

Elena Chernenko

Stephanie Wong

Dave Alcock

Jennifer Hsieh

Dana Linde

Mychal Cohn

Marta Lopez

Kathrina Storn




If you are a hardware manufacturer and would like to showcase your great products within one of my projects, or if you're a fan and would like to drop a nice message, you can contact me by email at [email protected], or just use the form on the right.